to do: potato stamp wallpaper

June 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

about a year ago i moved into a condo in the west end of toronto. since then i have done everything in my power and very limited budget to make my condo feel less condo-ee. i recently bought a book called Printing By Hand (it’s amazing you should buy it) and it is so beautiful and fun and helpful i have been busy trying my hand at every project in the book. what’s best about these sorts of projects is that they thrive on the imperfect. i feel like i spend so much time and energy obsessing over small things that really aren’t permanent. i think it’s important just to go for it. in life. but also in smaller less life-altering things like wallpaper (haha). all that being said i decided to make a faux-wallpaper accent wall in my bedroom using a sailboat potato stamp.




Materials: a sample jar of paint i bought at Benjamin Moore for 3 dollars (all paint stores sell sample jars at around that price. if you’re ever debating over colours, buy a few and paint large test patches on your wall. it’ll give you a much better sense of the colour in your space without having to invest in an entire can. you can also use them for smaller projects like this one.) and a potato. it took me a few tries to get right proportions. i used a sponge brush to apply the paint. in hindsight i should have let the potato dry out a bit as the juice diluted the paint a bit. i also recommend testing your shape many times before applying to the wall. testing on important documents, however, is optional.


i spaced the stamps 10 inches apart vertically and horizontally on an alternating grid and just marked the measurements lightly with a pencil. i have an okay eye so i didn’t use a level, but you could, if you’re a more patient person.



i’m really happy with how it turned out, smudgy and imperfect as it is–and it cost about 3 dollars to do it!

i hope you like it too.
xo lu

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