to do: Junction Flea Market

July 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

Ok ok, Toronto might not have rolling hills or cute cows to chat with but occasionally it will dish out something so cool and fun that you almost don’t mind not having country lakes to swim in (almost). For example: the Junction Flea Market! On the second Sunday of every month from June to September an empty parking lot in the Junction fills with antique vendors, crystal ball readers, and artisanal popsicle pushers. You would almost roll your eyes at it if it weren’t so genuinely charming. Nevermind the buckets of attractive hipsters that pour in eager to spend all their parents’ cash: everyone is in a great mood, everyone finds something special.

I found some really great things including a to-scale children’s tool set that I have since turned into some wall adornment over my work station.


to eat: Best ever cupcake recipe

July 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oh my. I just had the most magical cottage weekend: swimming, croquet, waterfront bike rides, dance parties, amazing food–just all the best things. I’ve been anti-photo recently, which actually just means that I don’t have a camera, so I have no visuals to show just how wondrous this weekend was.

Instead I have a recipe for you. And a story. The neighbour’s kids (whose whole family I want to kidnap… ok yeah, kidnap) decided that my friend’s dog Ellie was their new favourite dog (since their previous favourite had recently died) and that, unbeknownst to them, my friend and her family would be hosting a birthday party for Ellie (it was not Ellie’s birthday). So the kids invited all the neighbourhood dogs and their owners to this surprise party and even made loot-bags for all the dogs which included a homemade necklace, a cheesestring and a couple pieces of kibble. It was hilarious and adorable. Anyways their mum brought over these coconut cupcakes to the party that, I swear, were the best thing I’ve ever tasted (maybe not even hyperbole). Seriously, I don’t understand how anything could taste so good: so good I made sure to get the recipe before their family returned home the next morning. It’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe, whom I’ve heard is popular but have never used before. Her site isn’t easy to navigate  especially if you’re looking for a specific recipe, but this one was worth the search.

Plain English

July 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

So. I sort of have news… well not yet… but maybe!

There is a possibility that I will be relocating to the country very soon. I found a dreamy dream home and go up next weekend to view it! This plan still includes a lot of  variables but I’m taking the steps and that’s all I can do. People might think I’m crazy for selling a property in Toronto to move to the country, but I feel we should follow our hearts. So I am. Anyways, I’m really really trying not to get excited but I can’t help it; I’m already dreaming of my dream kitchen. Like the ones at Plain English: a kitchen design and traditional joinery company based out of Suffolk. Their stuff is so crazy beautiful it makes me feel sick. Here are some of my faves. Which do you like best??

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Good Morning, little honeybees!  I hope you all had a very lovely weekend. I did some fun things I will show you later. In the meanwhile let’s all torture ourselves and dream of sleep-ins, reading books in bed, drinking good coffee forever maybe some good public radio too. I’m off to the Palace to tend the flowers.

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Bucket listings: everything comes back to frodo

July 8, 2012 § 1 Comment


So. I just spent two disheartening hours on MLS looking at houses in Toronto. It’s extreme. The fact is, even if the houses were remotely in my budget, I wouldn’t want them because they’re horrible, and no one even sits on their stoops anymore.
All I want is a house with a garden and a studio in the back and a table that sits 20… and maybe a hammock. Is this so much? Does this still exist? I want it so bad I feel like life won’t begin until I have it (I know). I feel that most people want this too, somehow, in their own way–a cozy cottage in the city.

Well it’s not in the city but I found this so inspiring that I had to share it with you. This family from Wales, equally disheartened by ridiculous house prices, set out to the country to build their very own eco-friendly HOBBIT HOLE. And they did it for only five thousand dollars!! It’s equipped with composting toilet, green roof, fireplace and all the necessary furnishings to make a hole a home.
Now it’s not a perfect fix; There’s no Pho place around the corner and I doubt you could fit 20 people around their table, but it’s still so beautiful and inspiring and what I think an exasperated generation’s  home might look like more and more.

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Jump over here for the source article.

Sunday bedroom

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I think this is what a happy grownup’s room looks like:

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