My all time favourtie website of all time: ROOKIE

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Ok so as the name suggests, this is a site for teenage girls. That being said, unless you’ve outgrown your phase of being utterly confused by boys, feeling lost, insecure and eager to know what the hell to do with yourself, then the magical ROOKIE is the magical antidote to basically all that ails you.

It’s magic.

Their articles range from personal anecdotes about first time crushes to advice from the coolest people in the whole world, as well as style, culture, gender issues, music, sex, literature and more and more and more.

I’ve been reading and laughing and secretively seeking out advice that I feel at 25 I should have worked out by now. But I haven’t. And maybe you haven’t either.

The young girls who are reading this blog are sure to grow up to be a million times cooler and more well adjusted than all of us (all we had was Full House and just look at what happened to MK). I wish I had a daughter to pass it along to, but until I get impregnated by a brooding sparkly vampire, I present it to you: my lovely, lovely readers.

One of my favourite features of the blog is their series entitled: Ask A Grown Man where grown-up celebrity males are presented with real questions from young readers to which they reply as earnestly and thoughtfully as they can. It’s basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Their experts have included Paul Rudd, Judd Apatow and Jon Hamm to name a few. The following video is one of my faves, both for the caliber of the questions and of the answers (BJ Novak will you marry me?).


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I’m a Baggins of Bag End

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If you’ve ever asked yourself why your life is lacking in “the best”, it’s because the people at the Hobbit movie stole it all. Seriously.

Still, His Royal Highness Sir Prince PJ has been so graciously providing behind the scenes video diaries on the site’s official blog that will make you want to quit whatever you’re doing, move to Middle Earth New Zealand and beg WETA to let you wash their toilets for them if it meant being involved in the coolest thing ever. Or maybe you’ll just watch them all back to back to back. Or whatever.

In case you’re new to Hobbity things or just behind, here is the most recent video blog and first official trailer. IT’S SO EXCITING.

Now that you all know I’m a huge nerd I’d like to up the ante by pointing out that Thorin is being played by none other than hunky mc hunkpie Richard Armitage of North and South fame (haha)!! The following video features Thorin at his finest moment in the BBC series. BTW, it’s a spoiler, so… (you’ll never guess what happens!).


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Guys I’m moving to Sweden. Actually.

well, I really really want to anyway. The problem with moving places is that you have to leave all your people behind. But on the other hand Sweden is filled with beautiful, beautiful men. See how life can be hard?

Meanwhile, I found two new blogs that I will share with you: The first is a blog/magazine entitled “Garden Design” (ironically when filling out my account profile Garden Designer was not available as a career option. Additionally they were very particular about how complex my password had to be. Are people so regularly breaking into Garden Design accounts that they had to enforce such strict security rules? What are you hiding Garden Design??). It is super beautiful. The second is a personal travel blog I found when I was researching Sweden (see: Do Swedish men make good husbands?) for my trip. It’s basically just a thread of comments filled with personal anecdotes involving Swedish men from SO MANY WOMEN. Anyways it’s the best, go read it forever and ever.

These are some gorgeous Swedish inspired photos I picked from GD. The gentleman who created the post featured many helpful links and gave context for each photo that I am too lazy to post but that you should go read over here.

even their cows look swedish. how, cow?



These pictures are so beautiful it makes me sick. I’ll send you all postcards when I am happily settled in my Ikea showcase room.


PS. Mariel this is for you.

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Boyfriends: Why I would marry an anemone

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I feel like this is cheating: to start a category (ie. plant profiles) on such a high. But life’s tough so here we go:

I have never met an Anemone I didn’t like. Furthermore, I have never witnessed a wrong-doing from an Anemone. In simple terms: they are the perfect flower/plant/apparently partner also. I gush daily about Anemones. Amongst the flowers in the early morning light, pants wet from the dawn’s dew, I’ll turn to my coworker and say: “Anemones are just the best.” My coworker will emphatically agree and we will go on puttering; deadheading, weeding and the like; content, simply in the knowledge that they are there.

These are Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert” which, up until just now, I was calling “Henri Jobert” with a heavy Québequois accent. They are mid/late summer beauties.

Here are some facts (ok, not facts but strong opinions and keen observations) about Anemones.

As this is a safe place and we can have nothing to hide here, let’s all admit that we are shallow people and that appearances come first. No problem. Anemones are beautiful at every stage. In the early spring when they are first poking up their heads, unfurling their funny necks and stretching out their green furry faces they look like unworldly Jim Henson puppets. What? That’s not a selling point for you? Leave.

I lubz these ones. I’m not sure which variety these are but there is one very similar and they are late season blooming, possibly including “september” or “autumn” in their name.

Even at their leafy stage they are strange and beautiful. Their starlike leaves sit like little stages on their long petioles. They look like they belong at the bottom of the sea or  amongst the lily pads or on mars. Except they’re just a plant. DOESN’T THAT BLOW YOUR MIND?

Finally–finally–their flowers look like they’ve been cut from silk and dotted with sparkly pompoms and sprinkled with magic dust (haha, oh boy). And when they bloom they jet out in these powerful outburst and in all colours and petal combinations, waving high above their leafy structure. Sigh.

Anemones will basically grow anywhere. This is probably not true but we’re going to go with it. In theory anemones will grow in shade to full sun. Let’s just say they are very flexible. There are all sorts of anemones: early, mid and late season so you can enjoy them all season long. They also look great in arrangements. AND they are virtually pest free (although japanese beetles will eat anything these days).


The only point against them is they’re not terribly fond of being transplanted, but they multiply so easily that it ain’t no thing. I’m attempting to grow some on my sunless deck in bad soil where I’ve managed to kill basically every plant I’ve planted, so that’ll be the true test. If they end up growing I’ll send you all our “Save the Date”.

See how they can be different?

If you’d like to know more about anemones, including real facts, helpful hints, habit, or environmental preferences, then you should do some research on them.

xo lu

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