I’m in love. And a few other things.

August 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Look at my new friend! Isn’t he perfect?? I found him at the junction flea this last weekend. I’m not sure what his tusks are made of…maybe witches. Anyways, we fell for each other pretty quickly so I didn’t think to haggle with the vendor, but I think he’s worth every penny.
I have been dreaming about moving to Salem MA (you’ll see relocation is a running theme with me) so I’m gothically inclined (what?) at the moment. Apparently for a Canadian girl to move to the States you either need proper employment or a husband. Way to rub it in, USA. Anyways the houses are beautiful there and the prices are so reasonable for what you get. Such as this little number (ugh). Every piece of crap house in Toronto is worth a million dollars these days. It’s absurd. If you are interested in torturing yourself/laughing about toronto’s ridiculous real estate market, I highly, highly recommend checking out FML listings: a blog that regularly features gorgeous properties around the world that are equal to or less than the price of local listings, occasionally accompanied by a rant demanding who/what/how this is possible. She is hilarious and obsessed and I love her.


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