August 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Guys I’m moving to Sweden. Actually.

well, I really really want to anyway. The problem with moving places is that you have to leave all your people behind. But on the other hand Sweden is filled with beautiful, beautiful men. See how life can be hard?

Meanwhile, I found two new blogs that I will share with you: The first is a blog/magazine entitled “Garden Design” (ironically when filling out my account profile Garden Designer was not available as a career option. Additionally they were very particular about how complex my password had to be. Are people so regularly breaking into Garden Design accounts that they had to enforce such strict security rules? What are you hiding Garden Design??). It is super beautiful. The second is a personal travel blog I found when I was researching Sweden (see: Do Swedish men make good husbands?) for my trip. It’s basically just a thread of comments filled with personal anecdotes involving Swedish men from SO MANY WOMEN. Anyways it’s the best, go read it forever and ever.

These are some gorgeous Swedish inspired photos I picked from GD. The gentleman who created the post featured many helpful links and gave context for each photo that I am too lazy to post but that you should go read over here.

even their cows look swedish. how, cow?



These pictures are so beautiful it makes me sick. I’ll send you all postcards when I am happily settled in my Ikea showcase room.


PS. Mariel this is for you.


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