I’m a Baggins of Bag End

August 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

If you’ve ever asked yourself why your life is lacking in “the best”, it’s because the people at the Hobbit movie stole it all. Seriously.

Still, His Royal Highness Sir Prince PJ has been so graciously providing behind the scenes video diaries on the site’s official blog that will make you want to quit whatever you’re doing, move to Middle Earth New Zealand and beg WETA to let you wash their toilets for them if it meant being involved in the coolest thing ever. Or maybe you’ll just watch them all back to back to back. Or whatever.

In case you’re new to Hobbity things or just behind, here is the most recent video blog and first official trailer. IT’S SO EXCITING.

Now that you all know I’m a huge nerd I’d like to up the ante by pointing out that Thorin is being played by none other than hunky mc hunkpie Richard Armitage of North and South fame (haha)!! The following video features Thorin at his finest moment in the BBC series. BTW, it’s a spoiler, so… (you’ll never guess what happens!).


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