My all time favourtie website of all time: ROOKIE

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ok so as the name suggests, this is a site for teenage girls. That being said, unless you’ve outgrown your phase of being utterly confused by boys, feeling lost, insecure and eager to know what the hell to do with yourself, then the magical ROOKIE is the magical antidote to basically all that ails you.

It’s magic.

Their articles range from personal anecdotes about first time crushes to advice from the coolest people in the whole world, as well as style, culture, gender issues, music, sex, literature and more and more and more.

I’ve been reading and laughing and secretively seeking out advice that I feel at 25 I should have worked out by now. But I haven’t. And maybe you haven’t either.

The young girls who are reading this blog are sure to grow up to be a million times cooler and more well adjusted than all of us (all we had was Full House and just look at what happened to MK). I wish I had a daughter to pass it along to, but until I get impregnated by a brooding sparkly vampire, I present it to you: my lovely, lovely readers.

One of my favourite features of the blog is their series entitled: Ask A Grown Man where grown-up celebrity males are presented with real questions from young readers to which they reply as earnestly and thoughtfully as they can. It’s basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Their experts have included Paul Rudd, Judd Apatow and Jon Hamm to name a few. The following video is one of my faves, both for the caliber of the questions and of the answers (BJ Novak will you marry me?).


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