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What Would Rayanne Graff Do?

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The best, and possibly only upside to My So-Called Life‘s untimely end is that those who loved it get to forever play “choose-your-own-adventure” with its characters, plot, and possible off-screen romances (preferably to a soundtrack of all 90s alt rock). There are far worse ways to spend your time (right?). The series’ premature finale left its fans enough variables and unfinished plotlines to give 50 Shades of Grey a run for its money.

Though I somehow missed the life and times of Angela Chase the first time around (I think I was very young), I made up for lost time by watching the entire series in one sitting last weekend. Honestly, I’m a bit of a wreck. Much of my days since have been spent dealing with overwhelming waves of angst and an uncontrollable attraction to boys in flannel, and chin length hair (my okCupid visiting history will attest to this). It’s like puberty, only I don’t smell as bad and I own expensive things. Although much of this is business as usual, I have been feeling true and unprecedented pangs of nostalgia for high school. Maybe not even my high school, but TV high school, where you could hang out all day in the girls’ washroom, were only allowed 1 best friend and Jared Leto wanted to shove his tongue down your throat (because that’s what you’re supposed to do).

In the world of MSCL, high school literally never ended, because they cancelled it. In our world, friends grew apart, and those crushes you once had may now feel a bit embarrassing. In TV high school, there is such a word as “forever”, and in ours too, only once you graduate you start to “play things by ear” (which could possibly be the most horribly boring phrase in the english language). Though some of the emotions were intense–and I’ll admit, as high school experiences go, I had it pretty easy–I would trade the irrational passion of high school for the too-cool-for-school gotta-get-serious attitude of 20-something-hood any day.

Maybe this is all wishful thinking and naive, but so what? And even if living our lives with hearts high leads us to  crash and burn in a horrible bloody mess, at least we’ll know we have hearts. I don’t mean to turn this into an after school special, or to imply that the themes of this teen drama are necessarily the most important (however universal at their source and exceptionally executed), but there’s something in their “forever” that make me feel mournful. Like the best part of life got cancelled.

So maybe this is where a little fan fiction steps in, not only for the sake of Brian Krakow (he was so close!), but for the sake of our sometimes boring so-called lives. After all, what makes life exciting is our excitement to be part of it–even if all that means is enjoying an entire Saturday on the couch, listening to R.E.M., and dreaming of a boy you’ll never get to kiss.

Edit: In reality, I don’t think Rayanne Graff would ever stay in on a Saturday night, or dream of kissing a boy instead of actually kissing him, but goals are important too, you know? Anyways, who asked you?

Where my friends live: Kali’i and Egg, Toronto, ON

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to eat: Old-fashioned Brown Bread

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In my fantasies of happiness, there are a few images that are ever-present: I live in the woods or on a farm or a combination of those two things. Just imagine the most beautiful house amongst the most beautiful landscape and you’ll know where I am. My hunky husband is likely building me something wood-like and useful or out hunting for our dinner or just generally being rugged. And I am taking a break from my (very productive) studio time to make old fashioned brown bread in our fabulously decorated, open-concept kitchen. We have chickens. And a garden. And vote NDP.

It may seem farfetched, but I can dream, can’t I? Anyways, while I wait for my Gosling-shaped-bison-catching-manz to come along, I’ll make bread, because I am a strong self-actualizing woman. Oh, did that sentence contradict itself? Let’s just focus on the recipe. I love this bread so much. It’s a little bit sweet and really hardy and is the perfect side to a festive fall soup:

Pour 3 1/3 cups of boiling water over one cup of oats (I’ve used instant and OFR and I couldn’t tell the difference). Add 1/2 a cup of cubed butter and 1/3 cup of molasses. Stir and let sit until room temperature (or until you get tired of waiting).

Add into a separate bowl: 3 1/2 cups of AP flour, 5 teaspoons of active dry yeast and 2 teaspoons of salt. Stir together. Slowly mix-in wet mixture, adding in more flour (up to two cups) until dough starts to form (basically until it stops sticking to your fingers). Knead out dough on a hard surface (so, like, not on your couch) for up to 8 minutes or until it feels elastic and forms into a nice ball. Grease ball with olive oil, cover with a cloth and let sit for one hour. When dough has risen, punch dough down and divide into two equal globs. Knead smaller portions for a few minutes and place into their baking tins. Cover and continue to let sit for half an hour. You can preheat your oven now (375 degrees F). Bake loaves for 30-45 minutes. Let cool (for a second) and consume with all the butter.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product but it looks like brown bread. The best part of this recipe is that it makes two loaves, so you can give one to a friend. Believe me, they’ll be really impressed with you.

In all seriousness.

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This is of Angelina, right?

Where you live.

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by illustrator, Lizzy Stewart, whose work is beautiful and moving and can be found by clicking right here.

I am looking for new apartments/homes/spaces to feature in the blog. I am interested in capturing and sharing the spaces that we make for ourselves, without pretension or outward agenda. I like to see where you’re living, and I think other people do too.  It doesn’t matter what camera you have or if your home is messy or undecorated, just snap the things you love and want to share. If you are interested in participating you can let me know at


On the road

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The Toronto International Film Festival just wrapped another annual blitz of flashy celebrities and even flashier media attention… and movies. Con-gra-tu-lations to you. What’s much more important is that I got to experience my VERY FIRST fancy-grownup-celebritish-TIFF-party-weekend, and, let me tell you, it was nothing short of extraordinary. Unfortunately, I got the feeling from the unimpressed looks and incessant texting of the majority the people in attendance that I was the only one who thought so. My good friend and VIP ticket to the events explained to me that this is just the way of TIFF. But I will not accept this. If you have a pretty dress on and a sparkly drink in your hand that you did not have to pay for; if you are being served miniature food (again FREE) to a soundtrack of bomb-ass music that you know all the words to; if one of the original cast members of Are You Afraid Of The Dark is IN THE SAME ROOM AS YOU (tenderly stroking, I might add, the sizeable rump of his date, openly for all to see and laugh and stare at in amazement), then mama, you better suck it up and put on a smile and have yourself a real great time. Straight the fuck up. (That was my very first F bomb on the site so you know I really mean it.)


Anyways, in honour of the wonderful weekend I had and of KStew’s new movie On The Road and reemergence into society (I know you guys were as concerned as I was), today’s collection of enviable properties is of portable/moveable/drivable homes. They make me want to buy everything at MEC and hit the road with only the DDD tour book to guide me. These people didn’t do that but they did pay someone lots of money to take beautiful pictures of them in the hopes that they’ll be used in a movie someday. However you use ’em, they sure are adorable.

Today’s photos were found on Light Locations.

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