Bucket listings: These people don’t use condiments.

September 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hey friend. Look at this home I found for you. Ok, I found it a while ago. On someone else’s blog. And I don’t think the bedroom actually belongs to this home… you’re welcome.

The thing about white (walls/couch/basically everything including the kitchen sink) is that (and this is a spoiler so get ready) it gets dirty very easily. I bought a white couch when I first moved into my condo. There’s no way of putting it nicely–it’s gross. I can see the look of fear on my guests when I invite them to sit down on it. I could wash it, but who has time for that?

The beef I have apartments like this one is the same I have with the style world in general: I don’t trust that these people eat burgers. Like, do you think someone’s coming home after work, eating a whole loaf of cinnamon toast and watching reruns of The Nanny on that couch? Do they drink beer? Do they casually lay out their most impressive literature whenever they have people over? Are these people my friends? I’m not really sure.

Don’t get me wrong: I am head over heels in love with this space. “I love you, space.”–That’s how I feel. I literally salivate over a well designed, clean room, and I spend a lot of my time trying to create for myself a space/life that emulates this image. But I don’t want to get so focused on building it that I’m afraid to mess it up. I want to have fun. So I guess that means conceding to a little imperfection, taking a deep breath, and practicing the ancient art of cushion-flipping.


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