Where my friends live: Caitlin McConkey-Pirie, Toronto ON

October 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

CMP is your girlfriend’s girlfriend. This summer we were staying at a friend’s cottage and confessed almost in tandem that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves because we weren’t the ones hosting. So we got drunk.

I’ve always felt that Caitlin likes being a girl as much as I do, and I’ve never felt self-conscious gushing to her at length about table settings or divulging intimate facts about my vagina, even when I barely knew her. Like any good hostess, Caitlin makes you feel at home. For example, if someone were to be violently and inappropriately ill in her washroom one morning, she’d probably say something like “Girl, we’ve all been there”, and then make you some coffee. Caitlin is an Actress and Waitress, can be found on twitter @DehydratedFox and this is where she lives:

I found my place through a friend of a friend in the Terroni family. I literally accosted the girl’s best friend at the Dakota Tavern & was like, “I hear Natalie’s giving up her apartment, can I have her number?”

After 2 weeks of moving in, I decided it was a good idea to throw a birthday slash house-warming party. It was so packed, and sweaty, Jessie Brooks from Tartina bakery (www.tartina.com) made cupcakes, I made Aperol Spritzes, the Wild Turkey was flowing.Michael, the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, started beat-boxing on the porch & someone else started stomping on the steps. My neighbours came out & didn’t even need to say anything. Their faces were like, ‘Please. Let us sleep’. The fact that they didn’t call the cops on us seemed like a good sign.

Best//Worst: The mouldings. The high ceilings. The shelf above my bed. The massive closet. The neighbourhood (Ossington & Dundas)//The lack of natural light. Somedays it breaks my heart. Oh, to have a south-facing apartment!

It’s cheesy, but I love my bed.  It’s so comfortable!  When I moved in, I thought I was going to invest in a new bed but Natalie sold me hers & 2 sweet chairs for a good price.  What can I say? I love sleeping…San Pellegrino Pompelmo. Come home from work, add ice & gin. Heaven.  My best friend Meagan Albrechtson, who’s a writer & just started an online magazine (www.lolita-magazine.com), and I are addicted to this drink. It’s like permanent summer.

I’m obsessed with making friendship bracelets.  I love to come home after work, make a drink, watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy & work on a bracelet. It’s so meditative & I love seeing people I care about wearing them.  I’m still a 13-year-old girl at heart.  


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