Street view: Harbord & Grace

October 18, 2012 § 3 Comments

God, if everyone could just live off Harbord the world would be a better place. Harbord is a street in Toronto that runs E/W between University and Ossington and is a collective favourite for walkers and (reckless) cyclists. It’s one of the greatest because somehow it has found this rare balance between residential and commercial that makes you feel like you’re not in Toronto at all, or maybe that it’s just been put on ‘Mute’. There are coffee shops, and restaurants and bookshops. There are even tattoo parlours. AND. And. Incasing this hub of quiet and greatness are some of the most beautiful and understated houses in Toronto. I say understated because I spend my whole days in Forest Hill gussying-up gardens for people who rarely see them. These houses: people use, and love, and sometimes neglect because they’re too busy hanging out on Harbord drinking coffee and getting tattoos while reading feminist literature. Toronto life did a nice little article on the reasons to love Harbord (as if we didn’t already), if you need further incentive. As a side note, if you are a cyclists (of Harbord or any street), remember that you have brakes. So that you can brake. Sometimes we all need to brake. For each other. That’s all.

Who needs a front yard when you have a strange and wonderful turquoise trellis to grow your produce on? I love this meeting of aggressive and geometric, and soft and organic. And though it’s just a tiny cottage in a sea of Annex mansions, they kind of made it hard to miss.


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