Where my friends live: Adam O’Reilly, Brooklyn NY

November 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Adam O and I worked at American Apparel together in Halifax. That is how I met him. I only have one memory of us working together: In this memory, he’s standing by the socks with a clipboard in his hands (AA requires its employees to do inventory of the entire store every Sunday, which is crazy considering they seem to endorse shoplifting. I’m going to assume that it’s just their way of giving their staff a chance to reconnect.)  Anyways, in this memory Adam is looking around, up from his clipboard and back down again, and though it seemed like he was taking in whatever ridiculous thing was happening in this ridiculous place, he was somewhere else–in a real, real way. That’s sort of how I’ve always pictured Adam; as this guy who is somewhere and everywhere. Like a ghost.

Today, despite evident and often vocalized affection for each other, Adam is, to me,  just as much a mystery as ever. That being said wherever Adam is, I know that I am welcome. I don’t know if that’s a consequence of his personality or of our particular connection, but isn’t that just the best and truest definition of home? Wouldn’t you wish that on every person? I would.

In reality, Adam is amazingly kind and driven and decidedly not a ghost. He also is actually somewhere, namely Brooklyn NY in a ridiculously beautiful loft towards which I feel (what I believe to be) the appropriate amount of jealousy. Adam’s place has been exceptionally captured by himself in the following photographs and will likely cause you to hate your home and/or life choices. Enjoy!


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