Oh holy days

January 3, 2013 § 1 Comment

Oh what joy, I have just finished a FULL month and a bit of holiday vacations. I am in sweet blissful heaven (is that redundant?). I have to say the first few days of freedom were rough. It’s a very bad habit our world has to try and fill up all our time so productively. Fortunately I got over it and filled my time with lots of great nothings.
I have:
-Drank countless units of hot beverages
-Said the words ‘so festive’ ‘so fun’ and ‘so nice’ about a gazillion times
-Gone ice skating/for winter walks/to the zoo
-hugged and loved some very lovable people
-Put glitter on everything I own
-Danced, partied and cheered
-Talked to my appliances a lot

All in all I would say it has been a great success. One thing I did in particular was host my annual Christmas party. I don’t have any shots of the party itself, but my mum took a few pictures of my place before the guests arrived. Take a look, if you’d like!
xo lu

P.S. I am so grateful for you who come and visit me once in a while (or every day, xo!). This year I’m going to be putting more posts out that I think you would love and more regularly too, so the site might start to look different as it grows and changes. I hope you like the things I come up with.

















§ One Response to Oh holy days

  • milou says:

    what beautiful pictures! the bad people had ruined it by the time i got there so i’m glad i get to see it here in all its glittery glory. lovelove.

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