Bucket listings: Jessica Helgerson’s Tiny House

January 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hi Jessica Helgerson, I hope you don’t mind whilst I sit here and ogle at your house over and over and over again. The reality of owning property these days is such an improbability for most of us that the act of flipping through home tour after home tour feels almost perverse. When I was a kid I would go to the dollar store and wander the aisles of the “home” section picking out the best of that they had for my future home. It’s funny to think about now because although I spend much of my days fantasizing about dream homes, they’re usually on the dollar store scale. It’s not that they’re not (breathtakingly) beautiful in their own right, but fantasizing about modest-sized homes just seems like a more attainable dream, even if it isn’t.

Enter Jessica Helgerson’s tiny country home. I think I’ve posted this tour on various social media forums many times before but it’s worth throwing up again. Her tiny home (only measuring 540 square feet) sits on a 5 acre lot (can you imagine??) just outside of Portland (I know, it’s so annoying, right?). The property had undergone many plucks and tucks over the years but when Jessica bought the property in 2008 she used her designer magic to transform it into the jaw-dropper it is today. Can we talk about all the things we love about it? For one, the greenroof and the tree swing and the black beams on white walls and absolutely excellent use of space (bookcase walls are the future, I’m pretty sure). Ok, ok, I love everything about this property. I think it’s better if you just take a look for yourself, enjoy!

Tiny House 1 Tiny house 2Tiny house 3Tiny house 5 Tiny house 6
Tiny house 9Tiny house 10 Tiny house 11 Tiny house 12 Tiny house 13 Tiny house 14 Tiny house 15 Tiny house 16

Photos sourced via Madame Helgerson’s beautiful website

PS. I’m going to try to do a bucket listing every Wednesday so keep coming back! Also, don’t forget: I’m always accepting new homes for my “where my friends live” feature, so don’t be shy–send me your shit!


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