To do: Have sex at Casa Loma

October 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

As if I needed more reasons to love this wasted piece of real estate. Ok. maybe not wasted, but sex deprived.

The problem with Casa Loma is that it’s so expensive and so particular in its architecture and decor (which is protected by heritage preservation bi-laws)  that anyone rich enough to buy it may as well just build their own crazy castle on an island somewhere (which they’d also own) and sprinkle it with fairy dust so that it can fly.

See, I’m really torn on this one: On the one hand I believe they (you know, them) should convert Casa Loma into beautiful multi-use living spaces; spaces that most of us will never be able to afford, but at least “people” will live there. If “they” need help on how this could be best done, I have a few ideas.

On the other hand why not keep it open to the public so that once in a blue moon you and I can participate a veritable tea party, go searching for ghosts, attend an extravagant thanksgiving brunch, or, best of all, go for DATE NIGHT ARCHERY, all mostly at the expense of our city. Eat that, rob ford.

The idea of date night archery is so hilarious and wonderful that I want to meet whoever thought of it and kiss them on the mouth using also my mouth. Of course the first things that came to mind when I discovered this were: 1. Katniss and Peta would have loved this. 2. I wonder if Jennifer Lawrence knows about this 3. I should get a twitter account so that I can let her know and ultimately become her best friend. and 4. Emma (that was pre goop, right?)

It seems as though October is one of the best months to go and as I am certain rob ford hates Casa Loma, I can really see no downside in supporting its hilarious albeit cheesy collection of fun-filled events. Worse case scenario: you have a horrible time and sneak off  to find a corner to have sex in. Best case scenario, you eat a turkey, shoot an arrow, and sneak off to find a corner to have sex in. I’m sure there are at least 3.


to do: Junction Flea Market

July 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

Ok ok, Toronto might not have rolling hills or cute cows to chat with but occasionally it will dish out something so cool and fun that you almost don’t mind not having country lakes to swim in (almost). For example: the Junction Flea Market! On the second Sunday of every month from June to September an empty parking lot in the Junction fills with antique vendors, crystal ball readers, and artisanal popsicle pushers. You would almost roll your eyes at it if it weren’t so genuinely charming. Nevermind the buckets of attractive hipsters that pour in eager to spend all their parents’ cash: everyone is in a great mood, everyone finds something special.

I found some really great things including a to-scale children’s tool set that I have since turned into some wall adornment over my work station.

to do: potato stamp wallpaper

June 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

about a year ago i moved into a condo in the west end of toronto. since then i have done everything in my power and very limited budget to make my condo feel less condo-ee. i recently bought a book called Printing By Hand (it’s amazing you should buy it) and it is so beautiful and fun and helpful i have been busy trying my hand at every project in the book. what’s best about these sorts of projects is that they thrive on the imperfect. i feel like i spend so much time and energy obsessing over small things that really aren’t permanent. i think it’s important just to go for it. in life. but also in smaller less life-altering things like wallpaper (haha). all that being said i decided to make a faux-wallpaper accent wall in my bedroom using a sailboat potato stamp.




Materials: a sample jar of paint i bought at Benjamin Moore for 3 dollars (all paint stores sell sample jars at around that price. if you’re ever debating over colours, buy a few and paint large test patches on your wall. it’ll give you a much better sense of the colour in your space without having to invest in an entire can. you can also use them for smaller projects like this one.) and a potato. it took me a few tries to get right proportions. i used a sponge brush to apply the paint. in hindsight i should have let the potato dry out a bit as the juice diluted the paint a bit. i also recommend testing your shape many times before applying to the wall. testing on important documents, however, is optional.


i spaced the stamps 10 inches apart vertically and horizontally on an alternating grid and just marked the measurements lightly with a pencil. i have an okay eye so i didn’t use a level, but you could, if you’re a more patient person.



i’m really happy with how it turned out, smudgy and imperfect as it is–and it cost about 3 dollars to do it!

i hope you like it too.
xo lu

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