Oudolf: the great and powerful

January 21, 2013 § 3 Comments

When I wasn’t sure if I was really prepared to dive into this world of gardening (and believe me there are times I still don’t quite know how I got here) I stumbled upon the gardens of designer Piet Oudolf and any uncertainty cowered at his majesty. If I could wear a garden designed by Piet Oudolf, I would. They encompass not only everything a garden should be (a wide variety of native, pollinator-friendly species, full of texture, colour and all-season interest) but everything I love about art and design and style. In his gardens the Rudbeckia become polkadots, the Achillea-soft brush strokes-and everything has been selected for what it really is physically (a texture, a shape, a colour), not for what it represents (a “beautiful” flower). For me that was really what changed things: When you divorce yourself from the idea of what the medium is supposed to be and start from a place that is more specific, deliberate and, most of all, authentic, the outcome is a design that is not only beautiful but sustainable. Piet is so particular about the plants he uses that he began to propagate his own varieties at his home nursery. His most well known garden is likely the Highline project in good ol NYC, which gets a lot of flack for supposedly being a tourist pit. Clearly those tourists have excellent taste. The featured garden is the Millennium Garden in Pensthorpe Park. It really gives you an idea of how he designs for every change in the season.
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Photo source: www.oudolf.com 


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Look at all of them.

Oh holy days

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Oh what joy, I have just finished a FULL month and a bit of holiday vacations. I am in sweet blissful heaven (is that redundant?). I have to say the first few days of freedom were rough. It’s a very bad habit our world has to try and fill up all our time so productively. Fortunately I got over it and filled my time with lots of great nothings.
I have:
-Drank countless units of hot beverages
-Said the words ‘so festive’ ‘so fun’ and ‘so nice’ about a gazillion times
-Gone ice skating/for winter walks/to the zoo
-hugged and loved some very lovable people
-Put glitter on everything I own
-Danced, partied and cheered
-Talked to my appliances a lot

All in all I would say it has been a great success. One thing I did in particular was host my annual Christmas party. I don’t have any shots of the party itself, but my mum took a few pictures of my place before the guests arrived. Take a look, if you’d like!
xo lu

P.S. I am so grateful for you who come and visit me once in a while (or every day, xo!). This year I’m going to be putting more posts out that I think you would love and more regularly too, so the site might start to look different as it grows and changes. I hope you like the things I come up with.
















Getting started with simple chemistry

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First find a dreamboat:


Then add a second dreamboat (that’s two dreamboats so far, if you aren’t taking notes):

Plus everything that’s happening over here:


and all of this business:

tea and toast

repeat this until you get eaten by bears and voilà! The very simple equation to my heart.

ps. click on any of the pictures for more fun.

Miranda Hart (I love you)

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I’m going to tell you now that I love and am obsessed with Miranda Hart. If you don’t know who she is, fear not because I am about to tell you. Miranda Hart is an English comedienne whose self-titled sitcom launched her into the hearts and lives of millions… or at least mine and my friend Kat’s. Nothing to me is funnier than Miranda just living her life, except for maybe Miranda talking about it. She gives hope to the ridiculous and laughter to all. She is very tall and a little odd and my spirit leader. Here are some of my fave clips to get you started:

This is the first half of the second episode of the first season. I think it is a very efficient summation of all the reasons to love Miranda and is therefore a good place to start.

A BBC special including Miranda and adventure and feelings. All my favourite things.

A recent interview that may have made me pee my pants.

Oh and look, if you click on these letters you can buy her book for your own self. It’s magic (just like you)!



Some Saturday things

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Street view: Harbord & Grace

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God, if everyone could just live off Harbord the world would be a better place. Harbord is a street in Toronto that runs E/W between University and Ossington and is a collective favourite for walkers and (reckless) cyclists. It’s one of the greatest because somehow it has found this rare balance between residential and commercial that makes you feel like you’re not in Toronto at all, or maybe that it’s just been put on ‘Mute’. There are coffee shops, and restaurants and bookshops. There are even tattoo parlours. AND. And. Incasing this hub of quiet and greatness are some of the most beautiful and understated houses in Toronto. I say understated because I spend my whole days in Forest Hill gussying-up gardens for people who rarely see them. These houses: people use, and love, and sometimes neglect because they’re too busy hanging out on Harbord drinking coffee and getting tattoos while reading feminist literature. Toronto life did a nice little article on the reasons to love Harbord (as if we didn’t already), if you need further incentive. As a side note, if you are a cyclists (of Harbord or any street), remember that you have brakes. So that you can brake. Sometimes we all need to brake. For each other. That’s all.

Who needs a front yard when you have a strange and wonderful turquoise trellis to grow your produce on? I love this meeting of aggressive and geometric, and soft and organic. And though it’s just a tiny cottage in a sea of Annex mansions, they kind of made it hard to miss.

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